Pastor Ray Hagins


Hotep (Peace) Brothers & Sisters,
My (birth) name is Ray Hagins. My spiritual name is Sa Ra Ankh Hotep
Maakheru Setep En Ra (which means "a son of God, who has been chosen by God
to be a teacher of truth bringing (or giving) life and peace)." I presently
serve as the Chief Elder and Pastor of The Afrikan Village (formerly New
Ephesus Missionary Baptist) Church in St. Louis, Missouri.


2-Speaking in Tongues

3-The 1st Council of Nicaea 325 A.D

4-The Falsehoods of The Bible

5-The Romanization of Christ in Christianity

6-The Subliminal Seduction of Holiday Celebrations

7-The Truth Is Unbelievable

8-There will be no rapture & Jesus is not coming back

9-Understanding the Pathology of Criminal Behavior in Urban America

10-What Shall We Do With Jesus?

11-The Business of Religion

12-Racism in the Guise of Religion

13-Owning Your Own Business

14-No Evidence, No Arguement!!!

15-King Alfred Plan

16-Islam and the Arab Invasion of Egypt

17-Idiotic concepts in Religion

18-How to de activiate your Willie Lynch chip.

19-Emotionally Attached to Your Imagination


21-Egypt: The Source Of The Bible

22-Deconstructing the biblical psychosis

23-Christianity And World Conquest

24-Christianity and Islam: A Strategy For Our Division

25-Breaking the last bond of slavery

26-Black History Is A Fraud

27-Amen (What does it mean?)

28-Afrikans Are Ante-Christian Not Anti-Christian

29-Africom: A wolf in sheep's clothing


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  1. Dear Pastor Hagins,

    I just watched your youtube video entitled “There will be no rapture and Jesus is not coming back”, and I want to commend you for teaching the truth and in a way that cannot be argued with.

    It seems that many of the websites connected to your teachings are aimed at Black people; I’m white, but I think that what you are showing the world is for the world, and not only for the benefit of any one racial or ethnic group.

    I read a post in which you stated that basically Europeans, or whites, use the Christian religion to enslave the minds of Afrikans, but I slightly disagree. I feel that the gatekeepers of the truth use the false history that has been created to enslave all people of all skin colors. I’m not arguing that those gatekeepers are whites, but just that whites are just as much slaves to the false teaching of history, and the use of fear to prevent the application of rational thought.

    To conclude, I would like to say that I have tremendous respect for your courage, and intelligence and will continue to watch your lectures.


    Paul Gibbons
    Edmonton, Alberta

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